Steering with my Elbows gets me off road sometimes, but leaves my hands free for more important things. . .

. . .Like being sarcastic, searching, pragmatic, sharp, naive, motherly, patronizing, analytical, loving, bitter, and hopefully sometimes witty. All reflect the fact that I’m a Mom, wife, teacher, daughter, sister, writer, reader, movie goer, writer, painter, and sportswoman. I write for the same reason everyone here blogs: to make sense of my experience and thought. Currently, I am home from work, having endured a fusion from vertebrae T-4 to T-11. My feet and legs are still mildly paralyzed from a random incident prior to surgery. Oh, I can walk, similar to women who are 9 million months pregnant. So I promised myself to write more this year since I seem to have oodles of time, if not energy. I always have opinions to explore. . .and since my hands are free. . .

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