‘Thwart’ Needs a Makeover

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Thwarted.  Once a negative term I always associate with Espionage and the Cold War Power, hideous villians in Disney movies, Maniacal maneuvers by power hungry Megalomaniacs.  The Spy,  The Terrorist,  The Evil Queen, all thwarted from their dastardly deeds.    I’ve deemed it a negative term, but in this context it is the actors thwarted who are negative.  The word itself is posing a positive result.  Cruella Deville is thwarted from wearing a Dalmation puppy coat.  The Nazis from World domination.  Bin Laden from poisoning the water supply.

So then, if I am thwarted, am I the evil that is blocked from ill intent?  I’m just one little person trying to do well, no snake trying to bite anyone.

It doesn’t seem accurate to say my wish to publish was thwarted.  My summer plans to travel through Europe?  My love of tennis?  My appetite for lobster?  Thwarted? Thwarted? Thwarted?

I need a new word for when positive plans are halted in mid-rail for negative reasons:  how about FUN-TORTED, a sniglet combining distort or contort and fun?   Or even better, REAPABORTED. . .a blending of gains ended mid-development?   My fantasies to be a world famous, self-supporting painter reapaborted.


That sounds accurate, even painful.  We thwart the bad, and life reapaborts the good.  My hopes to own a home on a Martha’s Vineyard cliff are reapaborted by my wallet.


via Daily Prompt: Thwart

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